Forget Hotmail Password

Outlook provides interesting services for its users. Outlook is a user friendly platform that has advanced features and services. For helping its users and to make their experience more enjoyable it keeps on updating its services. It provides an ultimate mail service platform that has advanced and user friendly features that can be used by anyone who has an outlook or any other Microsoft account including the hotmail account. One can use hotmail service to send both personal as well as professional mails.

But to use outlook mail service you need to have a hotmail id and a hotmail password. One can only use this service if he has a mail id and password. Hotmail suggests remembering the two for easy login because if a hotmail user forgot hotmail password he will not be able to login to his own account and will no longer have an access to his own account. Thus hotmail suggests its user to always remember his hotmail password. But in one or other cases hotmail user often ask questions like what to do if I forgot my hotmail password in such cases hotmail suggest them to recover hotmail password.

How to recover my hotmail password?

In such cases you can select the hotmail password recover option and can recover the hotmail forgot password. You can recover password by security question or phone alternative number that you have entered at the time of registration but in case when you forget this question you can still recover your password.

How to recover hotmail password when I forgot my hotmail security questions?

You can then recover by alternate email address or phone number. For these follow these steps:

  1. Go to hotmail account
  2. Click on recover password option.
  3. Enter the alternative email address or phone number that you entered at the time of registration.
  4. Enter the captcha code and click Next.
  5. Then hotmail will send a one-time code to the alternate email address or phone number. Enter this code.
  6. Then enter the new password and click next.
  7. Your new password has been obtained.