Recover Lost Email or Contact

Hotmail is an interesting service provided by Microsoft. Other than the mail service hotmail is famous for its other services and feature. It provides various other services for its users. Outlook is used worldwide because of its user friendly approach. Hotmail always take care of its users and to enhance their use on outlook it provides additional features that can be enjoyed with the mail service itself.

Other than the interesting service of hotmail mail one of the other interesting and useful services is Hotmail contact. Contact service provided by hotmail works like address book. Hotmail contact is a special service that can store contacts of all the online available contacts of email. With this feature you can store and retrieve contacts online with the hotmail mail service. You can also delete unwanted contacts and add new contacts whenever you wish. You can access it for their personal information, phone number and other details like emails etc.

In case you delete some of the mails or contacts by mistakes you can restore them with the restore contact and restore mail option of hotmail. But to restore them you need to make sure that you have not deleted them permanently. If they are temporally deleted they cannot be restored. Also sometimes hotmail deletes it after one or two months because it feels that it is no more in use. In case you have temporarily deleted it you can restore it.

How to restore my hotmail contact?

Restoring of hotmail contact is an easy task you can do this by followings steps:

  1. Go to people page after sign in to hotmail account.
  2. Go to manage in menu bar and then click on the restore deleted contact option.
  3. There select each contact that you want to restore.
  4. And then click on restore all.
  5. This will restore all the deleted contacts.

    How to restore my Hotmail emails?

  6. Go to Deleted folder by signing in to your hotmail account.
  7. Click on recover deleted messages option.
  8. You can move the deleted mails to respective folder from this folder.