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Recover Hotmail Lost Email / Contact

Hotmail is an interesting mail platform that provides advance and latest mail services. Even though hotmail is known to exist as an oldest mail service providing platform it has still managed to be a leader in effective mail services is because of the enhanced service it. Hotmail keeps on working on its platform and always brings in latest updates and features on timely basis so that user may get enhanced services right at their hotmail platform. Hotmail very well understand what its customer needs and provide the same which makes it a favourite platform worldwide when it comes to enhanced mailing services.

What make hotmail unique are its additional features that it offers with its mailing services. This services can be used combined with the mail services itself right at the outlook account. One of the useful services of hotmail is its contact application. Right with the email service, hotmail contact service is used as well. This contact feature of hotmail let user stores contacts on hotmail account. It works just like an online address book that is available at the hotmail platform.

Like other features of hotmail its contact feature also comes in user friendly way so that user can make the most out of it. A user may add or delete contacts anytime. With this user get an easy way to store contact online and use it later when needed but sometimes by mistake user delete some contacts or emails which he feels were important later and thus they search for easy help to recover those emails and contact on outlook. With outlook recovering lost emails and contacts is possible with easy steps or easy help is also available at hotmail email contact helpline number.

How to restore my hotmail contact/email

    Steps to restore lost hotmail contacts:

  • 1. Get into your outlook account.
  • 2. Now go to People page in the setting option.
  • 3. Now go to manage menu bar option.
  • 4. Here you need to choose restore deleted contact option.
  • 5. Now click on all the contacts you want to recover.
  • 6. This will restore your lost contacts easily

  • Steps to restore lost hotmail emails:

  • 1. Sign into your hotmail account.
  • 2. Now go to Deleted folder.
  • 3. Now choose the recover deleted mail option.
  • 4. Here select all those mails which you wish to recover.
  • 5. And then choose the folder you want to move in.
  • 6. You will then see mail in that folder.

With these easy steps it is possible to restore deleted mails and contacts in hotmail but it is important to remember only those contacts and emails can be restored which have not been permanently deleted if further help is required get it from hotmail support helpline number.