Hotmail Email Receving Problem

Hotmail is a widely used mail services in all world. Hotmail is used widely and has many users linked with it. It is because of its enhanced features and ultimate services that it is widely used throughout the world. It has millions of customers who are using Outlook services from past many years.

From among all the services provided by Outlook the best service is Outlook mail services. Hotmail provides variety of services to its users and is one of the essential email services used for both business as well as personal use. All the services provided by hotmail can be easily used by having an email id or an account on hotmail. Though outlook provides an ultimate ease in its mail services still user face one or the other problem with hotmail. One of such problem is sending and receiving email problems but the solution to this is also available.

  1. Make sure that limit of sending and receiving of mail does not exceed. If there is a problem in sending and receiving of mail due to limit exceed you can increase the limit by confirming your number with hotmail.
  2. Make sure you are properly connected to network and receiving proper signals. Because the connection error can also stop you from sending or receiving of mail.
  3. You may face sending email problems if there is some problem in your outlook account. In cases when either your profile has been corrupted or some Smtp settings has been changed you will receive messages like operation failed, object could not be found in such cases check profile setting and the SMTP connection settings.
  4. It also necessary to check the firewall setting if any of the above is not the reason. It may be possible that some firewall setting is creating some receiving email problems.
  5. Also eliminate malware and viruses if they are there on your pc because it can also create hindrance in mails sending and receiving.