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Hotmail Sending & Receiving Problems

Hotmail is a widely used mail platform that provides effective mail services. Hotmail provides secured gateway to easy and effective communication online. Hotmail is so secured platform because it has extra level of security for all its users. Hotmail is thus widely used in big firms and organizations for easy mail exchange. Hotmail is effective and also provides enhanced applications that enhance the mail experience of users over its platform.

Hotmail is enhanced and provides effective features for its users but it is famous for advance mail services. It enables effective communication. When a user is on hotmail platform its main purpose is to enable efficient sending and receiving mails but if this whole sole purpose of hotmail is interrupted by any chance it can be disturbing. Often when users are using their hotmail mail they sometimes face issue receiving mails. There are various steps which can be taken to eliminate such hotmail issues or else if nothing help user may obtain easy possible help from hotmail customer service mail help number.

Some of the easy measures for eliminating problems such as receiving mail on hotmail are:

  • 1. Even though hotmail allows thousands and thousands of mails to enter your inbox but sometimes mail limit exceeds and because of this reason you are unable to receive the awaited mails in such cases you may request outlook to exceed your mail limit.
  • 2. For an effective mail exchange on a mail platform a proper net connection is necessary. If you are facing issue in receiving mail you must make sure that you are connected to a proper internet network connection.
  • 3. It may also be due to corrupted hotmail account or some sort of errors in your account. In such cases it is advisable to check you SMTP connection and edit it if you need it.
  • 4. Check for the virus and malware which can also be a cause for this.
  • 5. Make sure that you have not enabled any firewall setting because of which you are facing problem receiving your mail.
  • 6. Hopefully you have not blocked that user unknowingly from whom you are waiting the mail from.

If any of the above is the cause make sure to take easy measures for this issues and you will surely receive your awaited mail but if you still face problem receiving your mail make sure to acquire easy help from hotmail technical support number.