Hotmail Account Hacked

Hotmail is an ultimate mail service provided by Microsoft. Microsoft takes cares of the security measure and rules so as to maintain the security and privacy of its users online. One can enjoy best mails with outlook. Outlook is the most trusted mail service for sending professional mails. It is because of its privacy reasons that it is used widely in many big firms.

Though Microsoft takes cares about the privacy of its users but in some cases mails get hacked. Probably in almost all the cases this is because of the user itself. There can be several reasons for hacked hotmail email some of which are:

  1. If your Pc has virus and malware.
  2. If you lost your hotmail password
  3. If your password has been stolen.
  4. If you sign in your account at public computers and did not sign it out etc.

What to do when hotmail account has been hacked?

Immediately after this you need to know that are you able to sign in to your account or not.

  1. If you are still able to sign in :
  2. In cases when you feel that your hotmail email hacked then you must immediately try signing in to your account. If you get in to your account you must immediately change the hotmail password. It is because hacker can only go in to your account if he has your password and as and when you will change it he will no longer have access to your account and you will get back your account.

  3. If you lost hotmail email account
  4. In case you are unable to login with your id and password. You must immediately try to recover your password using several option of hotmail. That can be with the security questions, alternative email address or the alternate phone number. After you gain back the access remember to keep a different password.

  5. Also make sure that your pc does not have any malware that is accessing your password.