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Hacked hotmail account

After it came into existence, hotmail has always been the widely used mail platform. With its effective services hotmail has been successful in capturing millions of users worldwide. When it is hotmail users hardly prefer any other mail platform for their mailing needs. Whether it personal mailing needs or professional user only trusts a platform that is both secured and effective and to this hotmail serves best. Hotmail is only known platform that has extra layer of security for its users. With this security measures it facilitates most secured mail exchange.

Yes of course Outlook is the most secured one but still it is not untouched with online threats and scams. Internet is highly prone to hacks these days and so is hotmail. May be because of any reason but when such threats occurs hackers get an unusual access to your hotmail account so that it can be used in an inappropriate manner. This hotmail account hacks can be due to several reasons like:

  • 1. Your hotmail password has been stolen.
  • 2. If you have shared your hotmail password with someone knowingly or unknowingly.
  • 3. If hackers got an attempt with malware and virus on your pc’s where hotmail was open.
  • 4. If you have left your hotmail account signs in on public computers.

Whether it because of any reason hacked hotmail account can be cause of worry in such cases you need to take some immediate steps or immediate make a call to hotmail helpline number for obtaining easy suggestions.

What to do when hotmail account hacked

When you feel that your hotmail account has been compromised it is essential that you take accurate and instant actions so that hackers no longer are able to use your account in an inappropriate manner. A user may use these easy measures as suggested by hotmail to avoid any further harm.

  • If you feel that there is a change in your account information or you observe any suspicious activities in your account you need to take fast measures to change your password as soon as possible so that hackers lost access from your account.
  • If you still have an access to your account when you feel your hotmail account compromised it is suggested to change your hotmail password.
  • If by chance you have lost all access to your account. Do not panic just try recovering your hotmail account with an alternative email address or alternative mobile number as soon as possible once recovered change your password.
  • Changing a password in all cases is essential to get back easy access to your hotmail account and if nothing help try taking easy help from hotmail email help support number.