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Recover Hotmail Blocked Account

Hotmail is the most secured mail platform when it comes to easy and effective mail exchange. Even though there exist plenty of mail platform but hotmail is chosen over all of them because hotmail takes well care of its users online. Hotmail is a secured platform that has an extra layer of encryption for maintaining users’ privacy and security it is because of this reason why user feel safe sending and receiving mail on their outlook account.

Outlook is the only trusted mail platform so far. Whenever outlook some suspicious activity on your account which it find to be unusual it block your hotmail account so that no one attempt to use your account or any other information stores online on it in an inappropriate manner. Sometimes these accounts are blocked by hotmail because they have been hacked by someone and by blocking this account hotmail takes preventive measures for user.

This attempt is surely taken by hotmail to for the security of the user but it becomes irritating for users when they feel and interruption in using their own hotmail account because it is blocked and outlook has restricted all the activities over it. In such cases they search for easy help with which blocked hotmail account can be recovered. With time one can recover blocked hotmail account but if you feel helpless and wish to obtain easy suggestion for the same you may get it from hotmail recover account helpline number anytime.

How to recover blocked hotmail account

    There can be several things which can be tried to recover blocked hotmail account out of which some easy measures are:

  • 1. Try resetting your hotmail password if it permitted.
  • 2. Try changing your hotmail account information.
  • 3. Try signing into your account again after 24 hours with the id and password.
  • 4. A user may also choose to verify its own hotmail account at times when blocked has been identified. This can be done by choosing the option of sending a verification code to alternative email address or mobile that you have entered while at the time of registration.

Even though blockage takes its own time but with these steps it is possible to prove your identity and get back access to your account further if you feel that nothing helps you need easy help to recover your blocked hotmail account you may call hotmail support help desk number for obtaining easy help to the same.