How to Recover Hotmail Blocked Account

Hotmail is one of the largest email service providers in the world and they customers account security very seriously that’s why if they find any unusual activity in your account then they go ahead and block your account. Blocked account in other words also means that your account has been hacked by someone. Hotmail usually block your account in order to protect your private or professional information from the hackers but sometimes what happens the real users of the email accounts get them self’s blocked by putting in the wrong password several number of times continuously.

How to recover your blocked account:-

  • Reset your password
  • Change your account information
  • Try to put in the correct password after 24 hours
  • Get your account verified by sending a verification code on your registered alternate email address or on your registered mobile number.

Here we are also going to discuss one of the major drawback of using the hotmail account is that even if they provide very high security to its users but if they face any problems with their account which cannot be fixed at their end or by themselves then they do not provide any kind of direct number where the users can go and contact them and get his/her problem resolved. But you don't have worry if you face any of these problems then you can contact our support team of email contact number.