Reset / change password

Hotmail is interesting mail service provided by Microsoft. Recently Microsoft switched over to outlook. With about millions of already existing user’s outlook and its advanced features attracted many more users to join outlook.

There are millions of users all around the world that uses all the services of outlook. It is because of its user friendly approach that it is selected over other mail services. It is also because of privacy concerns that an outlook takes care for making the user experience more worth. It is because of this reason that outlook is trusted for receiving and sending professional mails including the personal mails. Outlook is used in many big firms for mail services. It is also widely used for personal purposes.

Though outlook takes care of all the security of Outlook users but to enjoy preserved use over an Outlook mail it suggest its users to change hotmail email password after fixed interval of time. It is because a hacker can only get access to your email account if he knows the password of your account. Thus you must keep the hotmail password safe with you and should change hotmail password after fixed interval of time. But the question that hotmail user often have is how to reset my hotmail password? One can easily reset hotmail password by the password help provided by hotmail.

How to change my hotmail password ?

For hotmail change password you need to follow certain easy steps:

  1. Open hotmail mail account
  2. Then Click hotmail password change option of hotmail
  3. Click on reason for change of your password then click next.
  4. After this enter the email address that you entered at the time of making of your Microsoft account.
  5. Enter the Captcha code then click next.
  6. After this in a new screen enter your new password and click next.
  7. And then password is changed. From next time you need to login with your new password.